Native Digital is a marketing and design agency based in Kansas City, MO. I work as a senior designer at Native. One of my first projects at Native was to visually rebrand the agency. I made the logo simple and modern by using a classic modern font as the base and then subtly tweaking every letter to make a unique mark. I believe the best firms have the ability to be both invisible and bold. In order to highlight the work, Native’s visual brand can be used in mostly greyscale with subdued, legible elements that don’t draw attention to themselves. I also included elements such as a bright color palette and bold headline fonts to be used when attention to the brand is needed in things like marketing materials and social. The brand is modern and minimal to add a long-lasting sophistication to the brand.

The marriage of data and creative is the backbone of what Native Digital sets out to do for clients. We wanted an element that represented both elements strongly. I created various patterns that represented the simplest forms and shapes that could be found in information and/or infographics. I printed these basic patterns onto transparencies and set them up so they would be bending and flowing in interesting and organic ways. I took photos of the patterns propped this way and edited them to be used as one-color visual elements. These patterns achieved a visually interesting way to portray the convergence of information and aesthetic.

I created all design. Concepts were a collaboration between myself and the rest of the Native Digital creative team.