Crossroads Hotel

CROSSROADS HOTEL Each Aparium hotel is a brand in and of itself that reflects the culture and history of the city surrounding it. Aparium tapped local architect El Dorado to renovate the Pabst and Pendergast buildings in the Crossroads district of Kansas City. Native was selected to lead naming, brand identity and collateral design. I created all visual… Read More

Native Digital

NATIVE DIGITAL Native Digital is a team of consultants, strategists and creatives modernizing how brands go to market. I designed a simple and modern logo customized to be unique yet classic. I believe the best firms have the flexibility to go from invisible to attention-grabbing. In order to let Native's case studies stand out, their… Read More

Café la Vie

Café la Vie French inspired café in Marriott's Le Méridien St Louis Clayton hotel. The visual brand is reflective of the blend between European/French influence and St Louis character. The transition from breakfast, lunch and dinner are highlighted to reinforce the change in mood and energy between those times of day in the café. The… Read More


HOMEFIELD Homefield is a sports complex focusing on giving amateur athletes the facilities and tools of the pros. An owner of MLS soccer team Sporting Kansas City with other KC investors have started Homefield with plans to build out 15 to 20 high-end facilities nationwide over the next three years. Some of the sports it… Read More

Simpleton Goods

SIMPLETON GOODS Simpleton Goods is a leather goods company based in Oklahoma City, OK. They create quality hand-made products meant to last. I created their visual brand to reflect that passion and quality. I found the right places to add a vintage americana hand-made feeling while finding other places make the brand modern and intentionally… Read More

Café Del Rey

Café Del Rey Craft coffee and food are served at this café in Puerto Rico. This is an elevated experience from the typical local coffee shops in the area. I created artful textures from the way milk mixes into espresso drinks. I created a limited and bold color palette that feels sophisticated. There are a… Read More

Lights Out

LIGHTS OUT MEDIA Event and media company based in Puerto Rico. The design captures the energy of these events, many of which are dance or club events, by using repeating bold typography. The bright colors add to the energy while the black and white photography create a sophisticated, professional and clean tone. Read More

Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK I refreshed Overland Park's brand to attract young families within a 3 hour drive market and make it an essential part of a trip to Kansas City. I created an illustration style that communicated a lot without using the busy photo cramming collages so many of their competitors use. The graphic style founded… Read More

La Marqueta

La Marqueta La Marqueta is San Juan’s Seaside Hideaway, located in the heart of Condado, combining music and entertainment with five-star hospitality. La Marqueta sets the standard for legendary days and nights that are as lively as they are sophisticated. In a city known for its vibrant party scene, La Marqueta's unique multi-purpose venue features… Read More

Ocean Park Holdings

Ocean Park Holdings OCP is a real estate development company based in Puerto Rico that focuses on creating elevated properties that locals and tourists can both enjoy. The brand had to stand out on its own while feeling very professional to create trust when making big pitches to potential investors. The icon combines the companies… Read More
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