HOMEFIELD Homefield is a sports complex focusing on giving amateur athletes the facilities and tools of the pros. An owner of MLS soccer team Sporting Kansas City with other KC investors have started Homefield with plans to build out 15 to 20 high-end facilities nationwide over the next three years. Some of the sports it… Read More

Simpleton Goods

SIMPLETON GOODS Simpleton Goods is a leather goods company based in Oklahoma City, OK. They create quality hand-made products meant to last. I created their visual brand to reflect that passion and quality. I found the right places to add a vintage americana hand-made feeling while finding other places make the brand modern and intentionally… Read More


Thirtieth Birthday invitation illustration for my partner's, Elise Sanders, and friend's, Kelly Castor, combined 30th birthday party. This was a fun personal project that was designed to mix influences from Elise and Kelly. Read More

Café Del Rey

Café Del Rey Craft coffee and food are served at this café in Puerto Rico. This is an elevated experience from the typical local coffee shops in the area. I created artful textures from the way milk mixes into espresso drinks. I created a limited and bold color palette that feels sophisticated. There are a… Read More

Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK I refreshed Overland Park's brand to attract young families within a 3 hour drive market and make it an essential part of a trip to Kansas City. I created an illustration style that communicated a lot without using the busy photo cramming collages so many of their competitors use. The graphic style founded… Read More

Martha Banks

MARTHA BANKS Martha Banks is a content creation company based out of Kansas City, Missouri. They have a unique style that makes creative excellence a top priority. Their brand style is inspired by the owner’s love for Miami and Las Vegas neon signage and outer space. Read More

Cable and Company

CABLE AND COMPANY Cable and Company is a men’s vintage clothing company located in the crossroads area of Kansas City. They are passionate about an era of American made clothing that was built to last both in durability and style. I created a logo system to be used throughout their merchandising and social media. The… Read More

Aletheia Training

ALETHEIA TRAINING Aletheia Training is a personal training business based in Kansas City, Missouri. They train a variety of people but focus on athletes. The logo resembles communicates strength and quality with a subtle seriousness that shows the professionalism in Aletheia's training. I also used a bold typeface that is evocative of a classic athletic… Read More

Ryan Club

INTERNATIONAL RYAN CLUB Ryan Club is an organization based in Texas for vintage aircraft enthusiasts. They reached out to me for several visual assets including a logo and website design. I created an illustrative style that was influenced by old war posters that represent the era these aircrafts were mostly used. Read More
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