HOMEFIELD Homefield is a sports complex focusing on giving amateur athletes the facilities and tools of the pros. An owner of MLS soccer team Sporting Kansas City with other KC investors have started Homefield with plans to build out 15 to 20 high-end facilities nationwide over the next three years. Some of the sports it… Read More

Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK I refreshed Overland Park's brand to attract young families within a 3 hour drive market and make it an essential part of a trip to Kansas City. I created an illustration style that communicated a lot without using the busy photo cramming collages so many of their competitors use. The graphic style founded… Read More

Martha Banks

MARTHA BANKS Martha Banks is a content creation company based out of Kansas City, Missouri. They have a unique style that makes creative excellence a top priority. Their brand style is inspired by the owner’s love for Miami and Las Vegas neon signage and outer space. Read More
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